Dedicating our daily
lives to designing
for the world.

Approaching every project with the same level of thought, care and strategy.

Frontend Development

Front end development includes work over a mix of HTML, CSS, and client-side scripts to help construct visual components of your project / application for your end user navigation and interactivity.

What we do

  • PSD slicing and component development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Browser compatibility and responsive mobile integration
  • Performance tuning, script minimization
  • Onsite SEO updation (meta tags, keywords, sitemap generation etc)
  • Single page applications using Angular.js, Vue.js

WordPress Development

WordPress is a highly popular open source CMS for creating small to medium traffic websites. It has an easy to use admin panel for content creation and comes with search-engine friendly features for marketing purposes.

What we do

  • Theme developement and backend management
  • Plugin customisation and creation
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Site backups and security management

    PHP Framework Development

    PHP is an open source, server side language for creating both static and dynamic websites. It’s supported by major hosting providers and is widely accepted as a universal language for developing custom software.

    What we do

    • Writing framework level object oriented + unit tested codebase
    • Database schema design and integration (mysql, postgres)
    • RESTful API creation and development
    • Cache Optimisation (redis,memcache) + Log Management
    • Cron jobs, workers and background processes creation