Case Studies

Slide n Joy

Triple screen – Work 3 times faster. Anywhere.
More efficient, more flexible and more mobile— a little like what is expected of us every day.
Slide adapts to any situation. If you have limited space, then just slide out one screen.

Prisma LED

Prisma LED is Australia’s No 1 LED superstore. Since 2006, Prisma LED has proudly supplied the industry, forthcoming with new designs & manufacturing LED products for our clients. Over the years we have established very close relationships with many of the most reputable manufacturers in the world for LED LIGHTING & FITTINGS.


NZ365guy want to make sure we finish life empty and have experienced everything this world has to offer, we try and get away as often as possible and have spent the last seven years travelling and work overseas, we love to engage with new cultures, people, and places. If you have ideas about where we should go next, we would love to hear from you.

Global Crowdfunding Organisation

Global Crowdfunding Organisation ( is the world’s first Global Smart Contract crowdfunding system allows you to receive half of everything that happens in your organization forever! It is based on the world famous Mobius Loop and the robust Smart Contract system, which will be the fastest and most successful Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding Program ever!