Story tellers
aspiring to be
problem solvers.

We are craftspeople trying to change the world one solution at a time.

The Foxin is based in New York and India, but our designs and partnerships reach across the globe. Our dynamic team of designers, artists and writers is dedicated to working with forward-thinking organizations to create custom digital solutions, compelling visual content, and indelible brand experiences for clients all over the world.

We are a small but agile team of thinkers and creators; a vibrant blend of specialized talents connected by our shared sense of style, our far-reaching industry knowledge, and our unceasing pursuit of innovation.

We take our greatest joy in delivering on promises and exceeding expectations. We love what we do, and that makes it especially rewarding to work alongside clients and brands who share our passion. We measure our excellence by your success.

The Foxin is a leading website design company in Chandigarh. The Foxin brings across the experienced team of web designers and offers comprehensive websites. We offer low cost programming and design services for every aspect of website development. We are able to provide clients with a balanced combination of high end customer service. We provide a full range of technical and programming skills at a cost effective rate. We provide a wide range of solutions such as website design, software development, Internet marketing, mobile application development, ecommerce, and others to all segments of business and industry. As a leading web design company in India, we accomplish advanced offshore web development and ecommerce solutions as well.

Mr. Jacob Hughes, well-known for her strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression, has successfully led brand design and marketing engagements for a variety of clients.

His experience across a variety of industries — including technology, healthcare,
retail, consumer products and professional services.

Committed to elegant solutions and powerfully simple communications, his areas of expertise are sustainable design solutions, logo design and integrated brand identity systems, brand design and strategy, print design, web design, digital media strategy, site architecture, and site marketing.​​

Mr. Singh is a highly regarded designer whose process-driven approach to developing rich customer experiences helps our clients get into the market faster and more effectively. For 10 years, he has applied his training in the areas of corporate identity, branding, and design for such notable clients in a variety of verticals.

Mr. Singh is committed to simplicity and passionate about crafting clear, engaging, effective communications. His dedication to design excellence—reducing complex, meaningful ideas to their visual essence—is accompanied by expert knowledge of color theory and the simplicity of Artisan graphic design and typography influences.

A creative studio located… everywhere.

We bring intuitive design, inspired content, and visual consistency to a diverse spectrum of client projects.

We are craftspeople, artists, and story-tellers. We are also technophiles, boundary-pushers, and strategic planners. We work with partners near and far to build new ideas, traverse national borders, and transcend industry norms.

We’ll work with you across all formats—web, print, and multimedia—to create meaningful, lasting and true impressions. We bring your identity to life with richly-delivered stories, multi-dimensional spaces, and immersive brand experiences.

Ultimately, your identity is about more than building your brand. It’s about building your business.

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